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Custom Stained Glass 


Ceramic sculpture


Handmade Accent Tiles


Oil Paintings/murals

Mermaid mural bathroom.jpg



Fence inserts/privacy screens

I’m the Marcia behind (or technically, before) I started as a platform to catalogue and showcase my art and to provide some insight into my work. I am a Los Angeles, California based artist specializing in painting, ceramic and mosaic sculpture, hand pressed accent tiles, and stained glass. Besides making art, I love gardening and gardens.  So, in some way my art and my love of gardening seem to always want to come together, whether it be in imagery in my artwork, or the actual crazy, long and never-ending project I seem to have undertaken in creating a sculpture garden in my backyard.

This is is what I started from and here is my progress so far.

I started with a fixer beyond fixers. The backyard had a pool that was filled to the top with trash (large, heavy appliances, etc)....

backyard before.jpg

With a little (and a lot) of hard work this is where I am at with my sculpture garden today! A nature paradise in the big city...

garden goodd horz.jpg

So...I guess I somehow developed the habit of seeing the potential in everything. I had a lot of fun beautifying my bathroom too!



before bathroom.jpg
bathroom finished.jpg

Regardless of medium, my art explores, illuminates, and celebrates the innate connection between nature and the individual. 

My goal is to create art that underscores this complex connection and accentuates the restorative power of nature and beauty. As an artist, art is my refuge – it is my sanctuary. Those most interested in my work are those who value the spaces they inhabit – their homes and gardens – as places of sanctuary and refuge. Whether indoor or out, my art lends itself to this ideal – “the home and garden as sanctuary.”

If you share this ideal, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!

I invite you to peruse my website and to contact me for more information regarding custom, made-to-order artworks. My hope is that you find in my work something of the mystery, the beauty, and the serenity one finds in nature itself. I welcome the opportunity of working with you, your space, and your ideas! 

My art is my refuge and my sanctuary. I hope it can be a small (or big) part of yours as well.

There are always a lot artworks cooking in my kiln!
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