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Hello. my name is Marcia and I am happy to announce that I am now opening my studio to much needed in person art classes. 

I am an artist of many mediums, including glass, ceramics, and painting and drawing. I am passionate about art and love to share my joy of exploring the creative process. And, I love to build warm and supportive art community classes. It is my joy and commitment to help people discover their unique creative voice. We all have one (or more!).

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Classes start September 2023, and will run in 6 week sessions.
To register please call 909-910-9493 or email me at

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Stained Glass.

In this class, I will  cover all the tools, skills and techniques that will help you create the window of your dreams! In addition, I address developing your creative eye and decision making process. We will start with a project that will teach you all the basic techniques.

I have hundreds of patterns you can choose from, or you can bring your own ideas and I can help you create your own pattern.

Classes times: 

6 week session.   Cost: $240.00

Time: Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm



In this class the student will build a solid foundation of traditional painting techniques . I will explain in detail color mixing, tone, space, surface quality, and color harmony. I recommend using oil paints to start, but am happy to give instruction in watercolor and acrylic as well.

6 week sessions.   Cost: $240.00

Time: Thursday 9-11:30 OR

           Thursday 6:30-9:30pm 



I earned a BA in art from UC Santa Cruz, and an MFA in sculpture from UCLA. In between my degree programs, I studied classical painting traditions at the New York Academy of Art.  As well as having exhibited my artwork nationally and internationally, I've been teaching art for over 25 years. I have taught at quite a few local venues, as well as being the lead art teacher at LA County Jail for many years. I have always loved teaching art, and love the warm and supportive community that forms in art classes.

Although our world is currently leaning towards the virtual, I strongly believe that the art student benefits greatly from in-person instruction.

The place:

Classes will take place in West Covina in my expansive, airy sheltered outdoor patio/studio. It has large work tables and great lighting! 

My teaching philosophy:

It is my experience, that everybody has within deep wells of creative expression that we sometimes just need a little help connecting to. In addition to giving solid technical and visual instruction, I believe in helping the student connect to their own unique creative voice. 

About my classes:

Classes will be limited in size to only 7 students. Classes will consist of demos, discussion, and lots of individual instruction. I emphasize methodically building solid foundational skills that will enable you to find within your unique creative voice and visual vocabulary. By foundational skills, I mean, detailed instruction on all aspects of the craft. In additional to building craftsmanship, I teach students to develop their visual "eye" and imagination.  I also throw in some art history to give you a context of what techniques we are studying.

Why you might think about taking a class:

I believe taking a little time for yourself to connect to your creative self is vital to your physical, mental, and psychological health. My classes are unique in that together we will look at many aspects of the creative process. Being a cancer survivor, and using my own art as a vehicle for healing, I am deeply committed to the restorative power of art.


If you don't like the class I will refund you the full amount. You are under no obligation to continue.

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