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Handmade Accent Tiles

The tiles are really mini paintings. All tiles are one of a kind. Most involve multiple firings to get the special layering effect. If you wish to order tiles, I can make special orders for you. Following the long tradition of the old time tile masters, I am happy to even carve a custom tile.

The Process

Making accent tiles is a wonderfully meditative process. I love working with clay. The process involves directly working with all the elements. The clay is composed of earth and water, air dries the clay, and the fire strengthens and makes the clay strong.

The process of creating the handmade tiles is multi-stepped.  It involves carving an original, making a plaster mold of the original, pressing the tiles, trimming, firing, glazing, and firing a second time. Most of the tiles I make are fired to cone 5  (2185 F.). I love the depth of color that this high firing creates, and this also makes the tiles incredibly strong and durable in any weather condition.  


Most of the tile imagery involves either animal or nature themes, or is spiritual in nature. California has a long history in the manufacturing of art tiles, and historically has been home to some of the most amazing tile creators. I continually study and strive to master their unique techniques. 

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