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Stained Glass

Stained glass is a medium that affords me the unique and challenging opportunity to creatively explore and illuminate the intimate and dynamic interplay of three essential elements: Earth (glass), Fire (light), and Air (space). The results of my work in this medium highlight the transformative and healing power of light.


My work starts out with a very many glass pieces and I love finding a way to complete the puzzle, to make the glass pieces fit, with an explosive yet contained beauty.

I create my custom stained glass windows in a somewhat unconventional way. After carefully (and painstakingly) drawing out my pattern, I always seem to veer from it and in the end use the glass like bits of paint, and work only loosely off the pattern. This, needless to say, is highly impractical, but in my opinion makes the windows far more beautiful. It also takes an absurd amount of time, but I believe that extra time is worth it. As in all my work, I explore Angel, Mermaid, Animal, and Fairy imagery.

I add painted enamel elements, and consider carefully the light coming through the glass, and obscuring some of the incoming light with pigment. The pigmented glass is fired up to 1250 degrees, rendering it permanent. This is the same technique used since medieval times. I love being connected to tradition!

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